Enrich Your Market Access Strategy with Real-World-Evidence Solutions

16 January 2024
Katerina Krinitsyna, Head of Business Development
Enrich Your Market Access Strategy with Real-World-Evidence Solutions

The use of real-world data (RWD) in drug development has gained significant interest in the last decade. Indeed, in recent years companies are leveraging RWD earlier in the development process to enhance market access. 

By harnessing the power of RWD and RWE, pharmaceutical companies can gain a more comprehensive understanding of a drug's safety, efficacy, value or even identify the risks of a medical product in real-world clinical practice. RWD can help identify specific subgroups of patients within the target indication who may respond better to a particular therapy or who have unmet needs and may have been underrepresented in traditional studies. Insights such as the timely assessment of treatment outcomes, disease progression or cost-effectiveness evaluations enable healthcare stakeholders to stay up to date with the latest evidence and make rapid adjustments to market access strategies and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

Several well-known RWD cases have demonstrated positive results by leveraging real-world data. For instance, neuroendocrine tumor investigators researched multiple databases to determine estimates for disease prevalence and incidence. This allowed them to identify that the population affected by this oncological disease has been steadily increasing, which in turn became a decisive decision-factor for the development of novel therapy for a small but growing segment of the market. 

However, accessing certain datasets may require submitting analytical queries to data owners, which can be costly, time-consuming, and raise concerns about confidentiality and permitted use of analytical reports. To address these challenges, it is important to have a strong and trustworthy partner. 

Therapyte, a company with a compliant ecosystem of routine data from hundreds of clinical settings and millions of patients, is your potential RWE partner that specializes in market access solutions. Company experts can design a solid market access strategy for you, drawing on knowledge and data gained from clinical and regulatory stages. Reach out to professionals to learn more about their RWD services.