Clinical Trial Optimization

Using the power of RWD, machine learning and AI, we develop custom tools that optimize clinical research and enable faster, cheaper and more efficient clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Optimization
RWD-Based Trial Optimization


AI-Cohort Definition

Identify the proper population for your future CTs.


We develop tools for massive literature data parsing to gain insights into patient populations and therapies.

Treatment Journey

Using a data-based approach we identify and visualize clinical patterns and pathways.

Intelligent Trial Design

Develop prognostic study designs based on a data-oriented approach including enrollment estimates in order to avoid miscalculations during CTs.

External Control Arm

Save time and money by identifying historical or synthetic cohorts matching your population as a control arm.


Our EHR to EDC service streamlines the process of acquiring source data, automating the transfer of data from hospital EHRs directly to the EDC systems for your prospective studies.

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